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New EIK AM200 Amphibious Swamp Buggy
Designed for 20 - 22 ton class excavator

Includes: EIK AM200 hydraulic extendable amphibious undercarriage with 4 final drives, metal track shoes

New Japan Made CAT320D upper body with Tier II Diesel Engine, Standard Stick, Polymor Cleates
  • Maintenance and cleaning of waterways, lakes, shorelines, ponds, etc.
  • Erosion control and prevention.
  • Deepening of waterways and river deltas.
  • Maintenance and repair of natural environment.
  • Flood protection and flood maintenance works.
  • Landscape building and protection.
  • Accessing difficult strands of water/soft terrain.
  • Swamp and wetland construction.
  • Road building through wetlands.
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Equipment: New EIK AM200 Amphibious Swamp Buggy
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